New iPhone 2014 revealed.

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The new iPhone 6 2014 design would change instead of glass + metallic body, aluminum 4.7-inch body is used. This would make new iPhone 6 much more lighter and the grip would be nicer. All new iPhone has all new design. Plus this would give new iPhone 6 a new look comparatively as compared to what glass + metallic body would have given.

Even though glass+metallic  finished iPhone 5S would look much better as compared to aluminum finished new iPhone 6 because it would give it an elegance. Still there are 2 more months for the new iPhone 6 to release, the design can vary form now what we are discussing.

Apple with new iPhone 6 has new pricing strategy. 4.7-inch phone with new features and unibody has price for new customers with contact (in USA AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint) and without contact (SIM Free).

HOT!!! You can see complete iPhone 6 full specifications and price

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