New iPhone 8 will have 2 models. Not three.

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Today we can write more good news about new iPhone 2017 model.  According to last rumors, Apple has been working for years to embed its Touch ID sensor beneath the iPhone’s display, and the new Apple’s iPhone was expected to be the first iPhone to feature the new tech.

It’s mean that new iPhone will have more features and new display size. But today we want tell you not about features, but about name and number of models. Some our friends from Foxconn confirmed that Foxconn received an order for two new models. It’s mean that Apple will be released two, not three models.

iPhone 8, iPhone 7S or iPhone Edition?

Some resources leaked information that Foxconn will begin to receive the first deliveries of the material for packing the goods in the last week of the June. It’s mean that we can see more about name and specifications in first month of summer. We know that lots of iPhone owners want to buy new iPhone with new features and display size. But rumors say that Apple will be released two iPhone 7S and one iPhone 8 (or iPhone Edition) models. Today we can tell you , that it’s not true. In this fall we can see only two models with new technology. Very interesting that rumors leaked new iPhone 8 and big iPhone 8 Plus will have similar dual cameras. If it will be true, we can make via small iPhone 8 cool photos like on iPhone 8 Plus.

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