New iPhones coming out 2017 – iPhone 8 or iPhone 7S?

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New iPhone coming out in 2017. When is the iPhone 8 coming out and how much will it cost or when is the iPhone 8 coming out and how much will it cost? It’s most popular question in Apple fans sphere.

Recently, many rumors walks around Apple and most discussed is the fact that some argue that iPhone 8 will be equipped with a scanner for the iris of the eye. The most important thing is that this information is not groundless, since it publicly announced the publication DigiTimes. It became known that the Xintec will developer scanner data, as far as we know this company very closely linked to one of Apple’s key partners so you can safely assume smartphones will be on what this technology. It’s mean that iPhone 8 in 2017 will be released with new features and not similar design.

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iPhone 8 release date – September, 2017. Will it a breakthrough in the mobile industry? As it turned out, it will not be, because the Samsung has equipped its first scanner device for iris of the eye, but in spite of the superiority of the ideal operation of the scanner could not reach. The scanner is bad enough contact with the glasses and lenses, which greatly reduces the efficiency of its use. Maybe iPhone 8 will be released with new scanner for iris of the eye technology.

It is also known that Xintec begin production scanners in 2017, however, Apple has time to analyze the mistakes that your competitors, and bring to market a truly powerful and high-quality product. We can only wait and watch the news of the industry and wish the company good luck to the developers.

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