New Safari features in iOS 14


Apple has added the ability to run multiple Windows and a built-in download Manager to the browser, but in iOS 14, the innovations will be more targeted and aimed not at increasing the similarity with the Mac, but with a General extension of functionality.

  • Built-in translator that will work even without the Internet;
  • Support for voice search similar to that in Google Chrome;
  • Improved tab design that makes them easier to work with;
  • Support for guest mode, where password AutoFill will not be available
  • Extended support for Apple Pencil in the Safari interface;
  • Expanding the capabilities of the Keychain password Manager.

As for the interface changes that should improve the work with tabs, this question is still open. On the one hand, what Safari offers today is not inconvenient. But, on the other hand, many users are not satisfied with the mechanics of working with tabs that are already running, which often do not respond exactly as you expect them to. This is clearly visible when you drag tabs to change their location. For unknown reasons, it is very difficult to achieve the same convenient transfer as on Mac, which is why you simply do not want to use this mechanism.