Next iPhone 7 2016 leaked model is fake.

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IPhone 7 2016 Prototype
Hello iPhone 7 2016 models fans. Today we can see lots photos with new leaked iPhone 7. Very interesting…

Every year we can see lots leaked iPhone models named “iPhone”. IPhone 6s, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s. Don’t forget a lots of rumors about iPhone 6c.. 🙂

Fake iPhone 7 2016

We spoke with some our Foxconn insiders who confirmed that they don’t have examples with new models, only “old” iPhone 6s and iPhone 6. We know that every year Foxconn started productions new models at March. It’s mean that first real leaked iPhone 7 parts incl. display, connections or camera.

P.S. Foxconn insiders confirmed that when they will be have first examples of new iPhone models, they will be send for us photos or example.