No iPhone SE 2 Release Date in 2018 !!!

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iPhone SE 2 Release Date in 2018. When I read more rumors about the new Apple iPhone SE 2, the funnier it becomes. I understand that such smartphone does’t exist in nature. We need to live in a world of illusions, in order to believe in the release of a new device in a compact package. All this indicates that online media are fooling us by collecting clicks on a fictitious iPhone.

People want to buy SE 2 not at all because it’s small, comfortable, nice and so on. No, everything is much more prosaic. The audience begs to release a new four-inch smartphone solely because of its price.

Dreams about the budget iPhone do not give customers peace for several years. The logic here is this: “Android flagships can cost 400-500 dollars, then why should I pay for the new iPhone 600, 800, or even 1000 bucks ?! Not fair! Cook will have to lower the price of new iPhone 11 named iPhone SE 2, otherwise the Chinese will win!”. But ….

Apple watches not only the number of sales, but for profit, so all the talks about the cheap iPhone SE 2, which debuts simultaneously and powerful and affordable are just our dream.

You know that we have some friends who have job on Foxconn. Sometimes they send for us leaked information about new products. But …. our Foxconn insider not confirmed that Apple has plans to make new small iPhone. We think that Apple will be released only 3 new models in this year. It’s mean that it will be iPhone 11 and two models of iPhone 9 / iPhone 9 Plus. No more rumors about iPhone SE 2 in 2018.

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