No more 16GB iPhone 7.

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No more 16GB iPhone 7. Did you also shift from 16GB models to higher storage in iPhone 7?

According to Apple’s SVP of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller, he had previously stated that the 16GB option was basically a more affordable version aimed at users who didn’t see the need or couldn’t afford to get a larger storage iPhone.

This is the opposite for the larger models where in 2014, 48% indicated their intent to buy the 64GB model, and 12% only intended to buy the 128GB model, but fast forward to today those numbers have grown to 51% and 16% respectively. Given that storage offers a higher profit margin, safe to say that this slight increase will no doubt nab Apple more money in the process, but what say you?

We think Apple will be released new iPhone 7 with 32GB, 64GB and 128GB. Don’t forget that iPhone 7 will be bigger price like iPhone 6S. “Old” iPhone 6S with 16GB will be for all who want to buy iPhone, but don’t have money for flagman. In 2016 (after iPhone 7 release date) retail iPhone 6S 16GB price will be $509 and it will best price for teens and teenagers. 🙂

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