No new iPhone 8 Lightning connector?

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Two days ago we wrote about the fact that Apple plans to release 2 models of its new iPhone, and today we got another good news. A month ago, the network had information that the Apple plans to replace on new iPhone 8 its brand Lightning connector with a new USB-C (like MacBook Pro’s).

Many immediately began to write negative comments, because the users of iPhones are already have good experiences with this connector. A couple of weeks ago, we wrote to our Foxconn‘s friends, so they learned about the increased sizes of the order of the component parts, after all, in order to switch from Lightning to USB-C, it is necessary to make a large order for USB-C. (about 100-150 million USB-C). We understand that Apple has big plans to new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Don’t forget that Samsung has signed an agreement with Apple to provide a full 160 million screens for the Apple iPhone 8, according to the Korean Herald.

At the moment no additional orders for these components have been received, and in addition to this, the company does not reduce the number of Lightning. Based on this, we can safely say that at the moment there is no confirmed information on the refusal from Lightning to USB-C. We can not guarantee that the information on this page is 100% correct, but at the this moment we can’t tell you more bout this situation. We wait more information from our friends.

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