Power Bank for iPhone, iPad Review

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Power Bank for iPhone, iPad Review: Built-in battery has quite enough energy for one day working, but when you plan something bigger, for example, long trip, you need to have something that can help you to be always online. These things become more and more popular and we call them PowerBanks. 

Nowadays, you can find power banks for iPhone or iPad everywhere in different variations. You can choose them by form, capacity or USB-port amount. Their main goal is to charge devices. So, let’s go. 

On the Amazon you will find a big choice of them, so I was looking for something interesting for a quite long time. Finally, I found one with really funny name, which I can’t spell without ironic smile, but this Olala Power Bank surprisingly confirmed all my expectations. 

You can keep this power bank in your pocket. Charge level displays by four diodes on the side of device. 


Why did I chose this one? Well, it’s easy…. it doesn’t need any cables. They are hidden in device, so you just need to slide “to unlock” and you connect it to your iPhone. Actually, I don’t like these cables at all, so that is why I chose that one. One touch and your smartphone is charging. 

Device is made from plastic and that’s enough for long using. Of course, I don’t throw it on the floor to check its quality, but, honestly, I wish it was made from aluminum. 

Glossy plastic covers by fingerprints quite fast, but because of design this is not visible. At all, it doesn’t matter to me. The main thing is that this Power bank charges my iPhone, when I really need it. 


Chargers 7500 mAh capacity will be enough to charge iPhone 7 two times or one full charge for iPad. Among many other power banks I have seen, Olala has the most tight “ON” button, so there won’t be a random “turn on”. 

Also I want to say, that while power bank is working it doesn’t heat up. Maybe, that’s because of good plastic. 

Lastly, I want to say, that this gadget left only good impression. It’s really comfortable, that it has a Lighting connector and USB, from which we can charge our power bank. 

So, as a conclusion I can say, that until our smartphones can’t work one-two weeks without charging, these small Power banks will be in demand.


Also I can say, that I really like this product and would like to recommend it to everyone. I think this device perfectly stands between comfort and good price. 

Olala charges is an indispensable thing in long journeys, which can charge not only smartphones, but also our lovely iPads. More over, it weighs only 205 grams. 

You can buy it on Amazon, eBay or Newegg. Personally I bought it on Amazon.

[Amazon Link] [Olala Home]