Should I install a new iOS 12 on iPhone?

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Should I install a new iOS 12 on iPhone? Every year we ask ourselves the same question. Should I install a new operating system on my smartphone? We know that iOS 12 Download links will be relesed 4 June. Some users of iPhones say that the installation of the new operating system is a guarantee of data protection. Others, however, believe that the update makes them slow and iPhones so they do not install them.

In order to make the right decision, you need to understand what is good and what’s bad for your smartphone. When a company releases a new update, we find new functions and features in new OS, so many are waiting for the new OS and are going to install it on the first day of distribution.

Those who download the new OS will get new features on their smartphone and will be able to show everyone. But to download the first new OS you need to remember that the beta version has a lot of bugs, flaws and errors. If you are ready for such situation and have iOS 12 supported devices – you can installnew iOS 12 via our download link.

I always like to wait and install only a final version, it’s mean that i wait new iOS 12 final download links. 🙂