Steve Jobs alive.

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Steve Jobs alive.

It is close to a 4 year since we lost Steve Jobs, some believe Jobs live on, and today, some Chinese citizens spotted Jobs in mainland China. Where? In the Chinese city of Xi’an, where Jobs was spotted in the back of a truck which is traveling on the road. More photos after the break.

The above photo shows Jobs in the back of a truck, and according to the Chinese who took this photo, he was stuck in a traffic but somehow managed to spot a man who looks so similar to Jobs riding around in the back of a truck. Looking carefully, his fingers were in a sort of delicate pinch at his chin, and that’s the pose we’ve seen Steve Jobs doing it. Well, it actually looks like a statue to us. Check out another photo below.

Okay, this is a wax statue of Steve Jobs spotted somewhere in mainland China too. It looks very similar to what we’re seeing in the back of the truck, but this one has glasses put on. Yeah. this wax statue includes the turtle-neck jumper Jobs was always dressed in. Below is another photo showing a different wax statue of Steve Jobs.

This wax figure is definitely not up to standard if it gets compared to the Madame Tussaud’s wax statue of Jobs. In fact, this knockoff does not includes those trademark New Balance trainers and Levi Strauss 501 Jeans. And the most interesting thing is that you can find this wax statue in Xi’an too.