Taobao Offers Beautiful Chinese Girls To Deliver Your Internet Goods!

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Did you know the biggest e-commerce platform in China (www has a service that has lots of beautiful girls called “Tao Girls” (淘女郎)? It has been there for about two years, which had a collection of over 40,000 Tao girls participating, who are mainly from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Several weeks ago, Alibaba Group vice president said that the department is working with another company in order to offer a new services, which will allow ustomers to choose Tao girls in the same city to deliver goods directly to your home!

Tao Girls Webpage
Tao Girls went online in 2010. Tao Girls is a platform which offers a space for Internet models to show off their beauty and outfits, and to promote themselves to other models agencies and companies. Therefore, each of them have profile pages on Tao Girls including details like price, experience, samples, rates… Also, Taobao holds a Tao Girl Competitions annually to give each of them a ranking. Overall, it is a very interesting idea, and this idea even leads people to think whether these Tao Girls offer some “other services” as well…

Tao Girls’ Profiles
One of the Tao Girls who showing off her skills in make-up (before/after)