The Best or Nothing: Apple wants to sell more than 100 million iPhone 12

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According to sources, Apple plans to sell more than 100 million so-called iPhone 12s next year. By comparison, the sales forecast for the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max hovers around 80 million units.

Apple’s shareholder demands are growing every day. In order not to fall into a deep hole, the company took radical steps. Apple has high hopes for the next generation iPhone, which will debut next fall. She expects future iPhones to set a new sales record. If the iPhone 12 does sell 100 million copies, it will be another record. A sharp jump in demand can really happen thanks to the appearance of new features in the iPhone, in particular, support for 5G. also, the interest of buyers can cause a new camera system with an additional 3D sensor.

Sources DigiTimes note that the share of the iPhone in the world market in 2020, Apple expects to grow by 25%. This is quite ambitious plans, given that previously more than 5% share of the iPhone for the year did not increase. But if the company does not achieve this, the shares can fall heavily down and not rise.

Due to the release of the iPhone with 5G, the market share will really grow record and Apple will be able to regain the title of the second largest smartphone manufacturer, which was won from it by the Chinese company Huawei.

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