We were contacted by guys who hack Google in November 2018 (50 mln. accounts)

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Today in the official blog of Google was posted an entry with information about the next hacker attack on Google Plus, which occurred in November. 

Yesterday, we were contacted by guys who claim to have done this hacking. They call themselves advocates of personal information. They claim that they do this in order to prove that companies collect our personal data and pass it on to third parties. They offer to get acquainted with part of the data for free. If the data suits us, the guys claim that they can transfer the entire base for a symbolic price. 

We will report new details. Stay with us.


Vulnerability allowed third-party applications to access all personal information of users. Potential attackers could find out the name, mail, age, occupation, and other data of the profile owner – even if it was hidden by privacy settings.

A week passed between detection and closure of a leak — it is reported that more than 52 million accounts were at risk during this period. Google representatives claim that they did not find any traces of theft of payment data or passwords, but accurate information about the hackers’ actions was not published.