What is the best Jailbreak iOS 10 price?

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Apple seeds new iOS 10. Famous jailbreak developer iH8sn0w demonstrated their jailbreak iOS 10. Today we want to tell you our things about Jailbreak iOS 10 pricing strategy. We know that jailbreak is hobby, not a job… but it’s not simple hobby. Jb creators like Pangu devote a lot of time to create their Pangu utility for jailbreak.

iOS 10 has new features, security level (and bugs). It’s mean that Pangu needs more time to create new Jailbreak iOS 10. Please Vote:

What is the best Jailbreak iOS 10 price?

Jailbreak iOS 10 to be or not to be. I like it. Stability of work. I would not say that the problem depends on Jailbreak. It depends more on the set of version of Pangu, but your iPhone or iPad running on first jailbreak iOS 10 Pangu version will be boot much slower. And it is very important for many people. I myself have personally experienced that after the iPhone went to restart the “eternal respring”. And it had to be restored from backup. And if it happened on a trip? That is the main question for me. I always install only official and final jailbreak version, not first version. It’s mean that after official Pangu 10 release date, I always wait impressions from my demo iPhones / iPads  and after that I install jailbreak on my main iPhone or iPads.

Don’t forget that if you have jailbroken iOS 9.x device, you can’t update to iOS 10. You can do it, but you lose jailbreak…. If it’s not problem, you can install iOS 10 without developer account or via iOS 10 Download Links.