What is the best Price for an iPhone 6 (iPhone Air)?

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iPhone Air Price. All iPhone models are fun. iPhone 5S, iPhone 4S or iPhone 3G. All iPhone models are different. iPhone 5S is the best for business, traveling or photography. iPhone 5c – for teens or all, who like different colors. But, we know, that different models have different prices in different countries. The best price iPhone is in USA, Canada or .. Hongkong. Yes. 

 iPhone 6 feat Dr.Beats 🙂

We also know that new iPhone 6 (some people believe in name “iPhone Air”) has new display size. iPhone 6 (iPhone Air) display size is 4.7-inch. Official iPhone 5S price in USA started from $649 without contract or $199 with contract. New iPhone 6 (iPhone Air) price in USA – 16GB $699 without contract or $249 with contract. We think is good price for very good iPhone model. All-New Range Rover, All-New BMW X6!!! Next time for all-new iPhone – iPhone 6 or iPhone Air.

HOT!!! iPhone 6 Full specifications and price!!!

Which iPhone 6 price do you like best?

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