What’s new in iOS 13.4.5?

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Despite the fact that iOS 13.4.5 is a third-order update, which is usually aimed solely at fixing existing bugs and flaws, this update is likely to be quite large-scale. What’s new in iOS 13.4.5?

This is indicated by the weight of the first beta version of the update, which is almost 3.5 GB, which is very, very much. For comparison, iOS 13.4, which was released last week, weighs about 800 MB, although it is widely recognized as the most informative update in terms of innovations for iOS 13.

We can’t talk about the innovations of iOS 13.4.5 yet, because the first beta is usually preparatory and rarely contains new features, but only contains references to them, which can be found when studying the software update code.


However, it is possible that during beta testing, which may last up to two months, Apple will expand the functionality of iOS 13.4.5, providing the operating system with those innovations that were long planned, but were never implemented due to problems with previous updates.

In fact, this would be logical, given that iOS 13.4 came out somewhat early relative to the corresponding updates for iOS 11 and iOS 12. They received the fourth update only in the summer, shortly before the release of the new iteration of the OS, and this year Apple did everything wrong, speeding up the release of updates due to bugs in iOS 13.

That’s why, in my heart of hearts, I was hoping that the company would not leave us without new updates and functional innovations, not allowing us to get bored waiting for iOS 14. Despite the fact that the release date for iOS 13.4.5 has not yet been announced, I would bet on the end of April.

In addition to the first beta version of iOS 13.4.5, Apple released the corresponding test builds of iPadOS 13.4.5, macOS 10.15.5 and tvOS 13.4.5 today.

It is obvious that these updates are also third-order updates and are primarily aimed at improving the stability of compatible devices and correcting all sorts of bugs and flaws made by developers when creating previous versions of operating systems, although it should not be excluded that there will be plenty of new features in them. But with the new build of watchOS in Cupertino, as usual, they are late.

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