When is the iPhone 6 coming out. (iPhone 6 Release Date)

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iPhone 6 (2014 model) is most awaited iPhone in world. Insiders confirmed that new iPhone 2014 model will be with new features and price. Some insiders wrote that Apple is planning to sell about 80 million it’s upcoming iPhone 6 in USA, Canada, Europe and Asia. Read some things about iPhone 6 price.  Rumors suggests that iPhone 6 will not have 4-inch display anymore. iPhone 6 has 4.7-inch display. It’s very good news for all who wait new experience for everyday life. You can check out Apple iPhone 6 specifications here.

Q: When is the iPhone 6 coming out?

Best Answer: iPhone 6 release date: Apple planning to launch the iPhone 6 on 14-th Tuesday, October. It is unknown if an October release for the iPhone 6 would include both the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch version. We believe that Apple plans sell not only iPhone 6 with 4.7- inch display, but with 5.5-inch also.

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