When will iOS 10 be released?

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When-will-iOS-10-be-releasedWhen will iOS 10 be released? – ?… it’s very interesting question because some online sources leaked than in June of 2016 we will not see new iOS 10…

History of iOS.
All who have iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch know that Apple released their iOS 9 in June of 2016 for developers and in September for all iOS devices. We know every year Apple has same way – first beta in June, first final version – September. 

When will iOS 10 be released?
If Apple has their plans to iOS 10 release date like iOS 9, 8, 7, 6, we can download iOS 10 beta 1 in June after first WWDC 2016 keynote. 

We know that every year Apple release iOS beta 1 only for developers, this mean that if you want install beta ipsw, you must ad our UDID to Developer Account. Some home pages can do it via $5 or $10. But…in 2015 Apple fix their ways and released iOS 9 beta 1 for all devices. 🙂 

Resume. When will iOS 10 beta 1 be released? This summer. 

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