Why iPhone XS is SO Expensive?

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Every year after the next presentation from the company Apple, everyone is asking the same question. Why does the new iPhone have such a high price? What prevents Apple from releasing a new iPhone is cheaper than the previous one. Today we will try to deal with this and everything will become clear.

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Why iPhone XS is SO Expensive?

Apple iPhone XS 64GB / $999
Apple iPhone XS 256GB / $1149
Apple iPhone XS 512GB / $1349

The main reason why the new iPhone has a high price is the company’s marketing path. The company Apple has long claimed that their products can not be cheap. Why? It’s simple – people want to buy expensive things and show to others that they can afford to buy them. The company abuses trusted buyers and specifically increases the price to make people pay more. Usually that’s what those who do not use iPhones say. But we do not agree with them. Why?

The answer lies in the concept of the company. If you remember that in recent years, Apple constantly states that smartphones can replace a computer. We are constantly told that why buy a computer, if you can buy a new iPhone and use it as a new computer.

The new iPhone is much faster than 99% of computers in the world. A new smartphone can perform almost the same functions as a computer. But what else to say, if you just mention that the new iPhone has more memory than most computers. For example, I have a Mac that has 128GB of memory, and the new iPhone has 512GB.


I’m sure that in 3-5 years, we really will forget how to use the computer, because all the actions can be done on an iPhone. This is the main reason why Apple insists that we need to give up computers. Like it or not, but it will be so.