Why will people buy a new iPhone in 2020?

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Why will people buy a new iPhone in 2020? IPhone buyers love the iPhone for its ease of use. You can argue for a long time which smartphone is better to buy in 2020, but I know for sure – the most popular smartphone will be the new iPhone.

Why? Extra functions and all sorts of custom settings are not necessary for 80 percent of Apple users.

I just want everything to be: I took it out of the box, turned it on, clicked next, downloaded a few apps and started running. As for me, in the iPhone and iPad functionality behind the eyes, now it is already real, a lot of things have become, it is clear that the iPad has even more, but for someone it is a working tool.

Now only stability and optimization for all current devices are left to saw. Because sometimes there is an update, and not everything is smooth with it, or the battery holds worse, or other, less significant disadvantages. After all, a simple person needs something? To make the call was normal, SMS were sent, there were messengers, banking applications, and the weather is normal with the mail client.

Nothing else is needed, everything else is already there. Well, who wants a sea of settings, all sorts of different shells and other things, they go to Android, there is a more loyal price tag and a choice of hundreds of times more devices

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