Will New iPhone have Touch ID on the front panel?

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New iPhone coming in this fall. Two models. Last month, we can observe a large number of rumors about a new smartphone from Apple. They become more and more. But the main direction of data about the new smartphone is unchanged.

iPhone 8 will receive a touch screen in the entire front panel, the hardware Home button will turn into a virtual one, in fact, its functions, including fingerprint recognition of the Touch ID, will execute the screen section. Sources at various sites report the advanced biometric capabilities of the new smartphone, the improved mechanism of tactile feedback “Taptic engine” and wireless charging. But one piece of news claims that the last leaked pictures show an aluminum case with a vertical dual camera and a rear fingerprint scanner. Why?


If you look at the layout of the Touch in the latest iPhone 7 (7 Plus) model, you can see that this system works very simply and requires a minimum number of additional spare parts. This suggests that in the new iPhone, Apple can arrange it just like it is in the latest model. It is enough just to cut out the hole and place the data sensor there. Visually, it will look very stylish and comfortable.


Of course, the company can go by an easier method and position it from the rear, but if this happens, we will once again make sure that the new iPhone will not be a revolutionary product, but only a simple update. Don’t forget that Foxconn will have first parts for new smartphone in June, this mean maybe in June we can see leaked examples of camera, processor and home button (Touch ID). Will New iPhone have Touch ID on the front panel? Maybe.

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