Will the iPhone 12 on iOS 14 be Flip?


Will the iPhone 12 on iOS 14 be Flip? Many still consider folding smartphones something of the future. They open up a world of new possibilities and new forms. Most iPhone owners and Apple fans are also waiting for the company to release its first foldable iPhone.

However, the truth is that this will have to wait for several more years, even if Apple decides to release a folding smartphone.

There are already folding smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy Fold, Galaxy Z Flip, Huawei Mate X and Moto Razr. So far, folding smartphones have two shape options: the Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X are almost the size of a tablet, and the Motorola Razr and Galaxy Z Flip resemble old clamshells.

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Motorola Razr and Galaxy Z Flip will definitely attract more fans thanks to their compactness when folded. So they are more convenient to carry in your pocket, for example.

Since all these smartphones are the first of their kind, they all have their own problems and disadvantages. Nevertheless, they make it clear what we should expect in the future. It took almost ten years to get rid of the frames around the displays. It will also take time to develop the perfect folding smartphone.

The current folding smartphones are very important, because they will become the base for the same smartphones in the future. Will the iPhone 12 on iOS 14 be Flip?