Windows 10 Mirror – Last Updates.

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Windows 10 mirror. To build Microsoft Magic Mirror experts suggest using a 23-inch LED-screen, high definition camera, Raspberry Raspberry 2 or 3 and bilateral acrylic mirror.

Over the past year, several projects have been invented “intelligent” mirror. Such devices are created for easy and intuitive display of diverse information, such as weather forecasts, news, list, and much more. Recently, his version of “intelligent” mirror presented by Microsoft. Specialists of the software giant told about how users can independently create such devices using Raspberry Pi, and Windows 10 IoT.


Smart Mirror called Microsoft Magic Mirror stands out from other similar projects of broader functionality. In particular, it may report not only of useful information to users, but also to recognize their faces. The latter function is to help shape the pieces of information depending on who is standing in front of a mirror.