You can jailbreak iOS 12.4, but not iOS 12.4.1.

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Can I Jailbreak iOS 12.4.1? No. You can jailbreak iOS 12.4, but not iOS 12.4.1.

Apple in update 12.4.1 fixed the iOS security bug, which allowed to install on the iPhone with the latest version of the operating system jailbreak program with access to system privileges in the kernel. On the official website of the company it is reported that the problem is fixed with the help of memory optimization.

These system or root permissions give the user the ability to run applications that Apple prohibits from installing. Jailbreak allows you to access the file system and expand the capabilities of the device. However, this freedom has the flip side of the coin-the device can easily “catch” viruses.

If you are planning to install jailbreak, we recommend checking all possible options on our special post. We check all data and expose only verified jailbreak links. Some spyware uses fake jailbreak tools to access user messages, geolocation data, and call records.