iOS 17.4: Here one of the most awaited iOS features


Here one of the most awaited iOS 17.4 features. For the first time, legal alternatives to the App Store will appear in iOS. But everything will be much more complicated than in Android. You will not be able to download from any site and install the IPA file yourself. Apps can only be installed from the App Store or third-party app stores approved by Apple.

iOS will have a new interface for installing a new app store. The system window will display the name and logo of the marketplace, information about the developer, screenshots and age rating. The altstore installation process includes confirmation via the Settings app.

Users will be able to select the default store, as well as manage the list of allowed marketplaces through the “Settings”. Deleting the store will result in the termination of app updates delivered through it.

Programs that are installed from an alternative source will appear in the Spotlight search, be managed through the Screen Time service and support the transparency function when tracking. At the same time, users will not be able, for example, to limit purchases for family members in such apps.

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