Apple Vision Pro Review


Introducing Apple Vision Pro. The era of spatial computing is here. When you put on Apple Vision Pro, you see your world and everything in it. Your favorite apps live right in front of you. But now they’re in your space. 

This is VisionOS, Apple’s first ever spatial operating system. It’s familiar yet groundbreaking. You navigate with your eyes. Simply tap to select. Flick to scroll. And use your voice to dictate. It’s like magic. 

Apps have dimension, react to light, and cast shadows. Even though these spatial experiences are happening inside Vision Pro, it looks, sounds, and feels like they are physically there. Foundational to Apple Vision Pro is that you’re not isolated from other people. 

When someone else is in the room, you can see them and they can see you. Because you’re not limited by a display, apps live in your space. Your photos can be life -size, or any size, so your living room becomes a gallery. 

And panoramas wrap around you as if you’re right where you took them. Apple Vision Pro is Apple’s first ever 3D camera. Now you can capture photos and videos with remarkable depth and relive a memory as if you’re right back in the exact moment. 

Hey, dad! Experiences on Vision Pro can also expand in three dimensions, filling the entirety of your space, like in the Mindfulness app, where you can create a moment of calm. Apple Vision Pro brings the scale and wonder of a movie theater to whatever space you’re in. 

It automatically darkens and casts a beautiful glow into the room. And you can make the screen… as big as you want. And, spatial audio surrounds you and means you feel like you’re a part of the action. 

And for an extraordinary cinematic experience, you can bring in a beautiful environment and make your screen feel 100 feet wide. Vision Pro is a wonderful way to play your favorite games, just connect your controller, and play on a massive screen with incredible audio. 

With Apple Vision Pro, you can create the perfect workspace, no matter where you are. The web comes to life at fantastic scale. Text is crisp and easy to read. Browsing the internet feels new. And Safari expands, so you can see all your open tabs. 

Your favorite apps from Apple and the App Store are there. You can arrange them however you like and work seamlessly across them. Hi, hey. Hi, did you receive the deck? Yeah, I’m looking at it now. Oh, great. 

So what did you think? FaceTime looks and sounds amazing in Apple Vision Pro. You see people life -size, and with spatial audio, you hear them as if they’re right in front of you. So conversation is more natural and collaborating becomes even easier. 

And because you see the world around you, you can glance at a notification. And even connect your Mac simply by looking at it. Turning a 13 -inch screen? into a giant display. In Apple Vision Pro, you can also transform your space. 

To make all these digital experiences feel real in your space, takes an extraordinary amount of technology. Yet Apple Vision Pro is remarkably compact and beautiful. A single piece of three -dimensionally formed laminated glass acts as a lens through which the cameras and sensors view the world. 

It flows seamlessly into a lightweight aluminum alloy frame that gently curves to wrap around your face. And we designed a modular system so you can find the right fit. The light seal keeps stray light from your eyes. 

And a soft frame gently flexes and conforms to your unique features. The headband is 3D -knitted to provide cushioning, breathability, and stretch. And a high -performance battery reduces weight to a minimum and slips easily into your pocket. 

Because you wear Apple Vision Pro and your eyes are covered, we engineered a system that uses advanced machine learning to represent you realistically when you’re in FaceTime. Your persona dynamically reflects your face and hand movements. 

So when you’re chatting, people see your eyes, hands, and true expressions. To convincingly place content in your space took thousands of groundbreaking innovations and custom technologies. Since your eyes see the world with incredible resolution, we built a micro OLED display system that fits 64 pixels in the same amount of space as a single iPhone pixel. 

It impacts 23 million into two panels the size of a postage stamp. That’s more than a 4K TV for each eye, giving you jaw -dropping, lifelike clarity. Apple Vision Pro also features our most advanced spatial audio system ever. 


Personalized sound is delivered directionally to your ear. And audio ray tracing uses sophisticated sensors to understand the materials and objects in your room. So sound feels like it’s coming from the world around you. 

3D mapping provides a detailed understanding of walls, furniture, and even people. So all experiences look, sound, and feel like they are physically there. To power a spatial computer like Apple Vision Pro required an innovative dual chip design. 


M2 provides phenomenal performance. And the brand new chip, R1, processes sensor data at incredible speed, virtually eliminating lag. So experiences take place in real time, right in front of your eyes. 

Low delivery, great ball inside! A stunning new way to use the apps we love. A powerful way to relive our memories. A profound new way to be together. And a magical way to be immersed in entertainment. 

The era of spatial computing is here. This is Apple Vision Pro. 

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