iOS 6 icons on Apple Vision Pro can sparking a new wave of creativity in the tech world


Imagine a revolutionary leap in Apple’s design ethos with the Apple Vision Pro icons reminiscent of the golden era of iOS 6. These icons of Apple Vision Pro would break free from the flat and minimalistic trend, embracing skeuomorphic extravagance. The Photos App icon might showcase a lifelike camera lens, while the Calendar App could have a leather-bound appearance. Such a design approach would not only pay homage to the past but also infuse a sense of tangible connection in the digital realm. It’s a visual feast that transcends the boundaries of conventional design, sparking a new wave of creativity in the tech world.

Picture the Apple Vision Pro Messages app icon adorned with a 3D speech bubble, bringing conversations to life. The Music app might flaunt a vinyl record with a playful needle animation upon touch. This departure from the current design trends could redefine the visual landscape, offering users a delightful journey through a digital world that feels surprisingly tangible. The icons wouldn’t just be static images; they’d be dynamic, responding to user interactions in ways that engage and captivate, making every touch an experience worth savoring.

The Notes app icon might showcase a paper and pen with a textured background, while the Mail app could boast a stamped envelope for a touch of authenticity. The overall design language would likely aim to evoke a sense of familiarity and warmth, drawing inspiration from the tactile world to create an immersive user experience.


Let’s push the boundaries further – the Safari icon might display a miniaturized 3D globe that spins as you browse, symbolizing the vast expanse of the internet. The Settings app could have animated gears, turning elegantly as users navigate through preferences. This immersive design approach would create an environment where users don’t just interact with icons; they engage in a visual narrative, making the user interface an adventure of its own. The fusion of technology and creativity would redefine the very essence of digital aesthetics.

Don’t forget that if you like iOS 6 design icons, you can add classic iOS 6 Icons on iOS 17 iPhone models via one click. Next step – we can add such icons on Apple Vision Pro. When? I think coming soon. Very soon.



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