iPhone 15 Released. iPhone 14 and older models slow down 🙁


In this September, after the start of sales of new iPhone 15 models, we, the owners of iPhone 14, iPhone 13 and olders, will be able to see and feel that our iPhones have become slower. Of course, the Apple claims that they do not slow down the previous models, life and practice shows that the last generation of iPhones begin to work more slowly after the start of sales of new iPhones. 

That’s why, in September, you will feel that it’s time to change your iPhones 14 and older models to new iPhone 15 models. Why? 

Apple does intentionally slow down older iPhone models after the release of new ones. Previous allegations of this were related to power management in older iPhone batteries. Apple introduced a performance management feature in some iOS versions to prevent unexpected shutdowns on devices with worn-out batteries. This could make iPhones work slower in certain situations.

However, starting with iOS 11.3, Apple added the option to disable this performance management and allowed users to decide whether they wanted their devices to work slower but more stably or prefer full performance with the risk of unexpected shutdowns. Thus, Apple provided more control to the user in this matter.

So, despite the existence of this facts, Apple does intentionally slow down its devices after the release of new models.

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