iPhone 15 Released. No Transparent, No revolution. Only Update.

Apple has introduced a line of new smartphone models called iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro. We already know about all the new features in detail, but the main thing that I expected to see was a transparent iPhone, unfortunately it didn’t work out. Unfortunately, we see an ordinary and completely non-revolutionary smartphone.

I understand that it is quite difficult to release a new revolutionary product, but still see it this year.  At the presentation, the company did not even show the final version of its revolutionary product – Apple Vision Pro, which shows that at the moment it is not ready yet. 

While Apple releases many innovative products, including the iPhone, a transparent iPhone, was not released. However, let’s imagine why Apple
might not have released such a device.

1. Technological Limitations: Creating a fully transparent smartphone with modern technical capabilities could be a technologically challenging task. For instance, how would internal components like the battery, processor, and cameras work in a transparent enclosure?
2. Durability and Resilience: A transparent material that maintained transparency over time and was resistant to damage could be challenging to develop. For example, such a material might be more prone to scratches or cracks.
3. Privacy and Security: A transparent enclosure also raises questions about privacy and security. How would user data on a transparent device be protected from being visible from the outside?
4. Practicality of Use: A transparent enclosure might not be very practical for everyday use. Internal components and wires could create an unpleasant visual experience.
5. Design and Aesthetics: Apple always pays great attention to the design and aesthetics of its devices. The question of how to make a transparent iPhone that would meet Apple’s standards in this regard could be complex.

These are just speculations, and the actual reasons why Apple has not released a transparent iPhone 15 could be entirely different. Apple always takes its own path in product development and chooses concepts and designs that align with their vision and standards.

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